Reviews 2017/18 Season

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Reviews 2017/18 season

Amazing trip with WBT – after a couple of days we were looking at each other thinking “what have we done”! We were cold, permanently wet and a bit miserable. The weather was pretty horrid and on Day 3 the guides called a rest day to see off the worst of the rain. Things started to warm up, we got better at paddling and more used to sleeping in caves and washing with very cold river water. We grew into the trip and then wished it would never end. The sun shone, the river raged and we whooped with joy on every rapid. Our guides – Blakey and Eric – were simply phenomenal. Amazing paddlers, great fun, excellent man managers. The place is wild but we always felt totally safe. The food was totally mad – fillet steak, sushi, wallaby bolognese, prawns, lamb chops. We carried it all in and left no trace. It’s a true wilderness experience – there are very few of these left in the world. Water By Nature open the door to another world. We feel honoured to have entered it for 10 days.

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“Rafting Trip like you never experienced”

We did the 6 nights and 7 days rafting trip with Water by Nature and were dutifully impressed after our initial surprises…..First we had unparalleled good weather the week we went down (thank heavens). On the good side we did not have to sleep or paddle in the rain but on the flip side it meant the water was lower. We ended up having to do a lot of portaging – some which the guides said we would probably have had to do anyways. Brett and Klaudia did there best to help us out in this regard by adding another raft, or 2, and 2 more guides to help us get down the river. Our guides were not only fun but amazing. We had Eric, Blake, Matt and Jody. The food was fresh and very tasty. Those who say you can’t take fresh food and cheese on a 7 day rafting trip need to do a trip with Eric. The equipment was in good shape and the service phenomenal both before we went down the river and while we were on the river. And then there was the river itself….it is hard to explain, imagine drinking the same water you are rafting in, sleeping under the stars, on mountain/hillsides and beaches with the glo worms and shooting stars. Rafting down the rapids and climbing over the rocks…… The scenery was great but the experience was even better. Thanks Brett, Klaudia, Eric, Blake, Matt and Jody

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“Franklin River Rafting — 5 star”

Just received the video of the Nov, 17 trip – a brilliant reminder of an absolutely fantastic trip! Organisation, food and client care all 110% in a pristine and amazing area. Have wanted to do this trip for over 30 years – was worth waiting for :)

reviewed December 2, 2017 read on facebook read on facebook

Carmel Kerwick

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“Franklin River Rafting — 5 star”

My family, friends and I loved every moment of our 7night rafting trip on the magnificent Franklin River! We felt some comfortable in the extremely capable hands of our guides Klaudia, Adrian and Blake. Expert knowledge of the Franklin and its’ history made the trip even more meaningful. Food was incredible and how you managed to prepare such delicious feasts is beyond me! Seafood, cheese platters, steak, carbonara, all fresh and tasty. Photos and video provided has captured our thrills and spills…I’ll treasure them.

I can’t recommend this company enough! The trip is a MUST for the bucket list. Thank you!

reviewed December 19, 2017 read on facebook read on facebook

Jan Watbo

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“8 day trip with family and friends.”

An unforgettable experience made so by the magnificent environment, great company and a first class crew. Klaudia, Adrian and Blake looked after us on and off the river. The food was sensational, fresh and delicious. They even managed to keep our vegans more than happy! Their knowledge and rafting skills were enriching. We learnt much and were able to embrace the pristine wilderness. Long may it remain!

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“7 days rafting the Franklin with Water by Nature”

Just back from an epic 110 km rafting expedition with Water by Nature down the Franklin River. A friend had done the trip a year ago and I had done some river kayaking in Scotland – but still I wasn’t certain what to expect. The trip was beyond my imagination. Paddling through easy and more difficult rapids, alongside undertaking some exciting portages, was accompanied by breathtaking temperate rainforest and the occasional white tailed sea eagle. Another group on the river with us even saw two duck-billed platypi! The campsites were spectacular – we were lucky enough to sleep on beaches under the stars, in caves and under tarps in some very wet rainforest! The food was always impressive (the most important part being the ‘cheese bag’), they catered for gluten and lactose intolerance with ease and most importantly there were always snacks on hand for when a bit of extra energy was required. What really made the trip for me, however, was the guides. We had Eric and Angelo guiding us, and their knowledge, patience and energy was astounding. I’m sad to be back home but already planning my next trip with them…

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Incredible journey that could change your life!

Our guides Jeff, Ash and Matt were wonderful and made sure we were all looked after. Even during tough portages we still felt safe. The food was amazing and never had a bad meal The scenery was beyond words and the fact that you are able to drink directly from the river made it even better. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an adventure!!!

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“’Water By Nature’ – leading tours for rafting the wild Franklin River”

Just returned from 8 unreal days rafting the Franklin river with ‘Water by Nature’ tour company, 31st Dec-7th Jan. I was blown away with the raw beauty of this place and I’ve come home filled with many forever memories! Every day was spectacularly different, with many fun side trips exploring up waterfalls, caves and canyons, as well as rolling down lots of epic rapids and scrambling over rocks and climbing up over rich mossy tracks.

Hat’s off to our legendary guides from Water by Nature, Scotty and Angi, who worked tirelessly everyday to make sure we were happy, comfortable, safe, and always well fed, on and off the water. They were very reassuring on the water with their experience and skills and safety was always a strong area of focus. They both made it such a memorable trip for us all and we really appreciate their endless energy, fun banter and laughs.

It was years of talking and dreaming about the Franklin before we actually got our acts together and booked this trip – I can definitely say that every cent was worth it and more. Water by Nature are giving us a chance to raft down one of the last truly wild rivers in the world and to be able to experience this with my mates was absolutely MAD.

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“Fantastic five-day trip with four not-so-outdoorsy teenagers.”
Beautiful weather and scenery and everyone loved the food, which is no mean feat. A challenge, but why not? Scott and Jim super helpful and fun. Memorable family holiday.

Reviewed January 24, 2018 read on facebook read on facebook

Michelle Joy Fincke

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“Amazing family rafting adventure”

Our family of 4 (with boys aged 11 & 13 years) have just spent an incredible journey of a lifetime rafting down the Franklin River with Water by Nature. We have been lucky enough to have had many adventures travelling around the world but this was truly an epic foray into the wilderness. Our trip was filled with beauty, wildlife, excitement and challenges. We left feeling that we were truly some of the few who have had such a unique experience in this magical wilderness.

Our incredible experience was primarily due to the amazing guides, Jim & Scotty. Their skill, professionalism, knowledge, humour and patience meant our experience of the river and its wilderness was one we will treasure. Our boys were enthusiastic and committed to the adventure and the guides rewarded them by feeding their curiosity with fascinating stories, including them in the day-to-day activities by teaching them practical guiding skills, and entertaining them with back flips and jokes when the physical going was pushing us all to our limits.

The wild camping under rock overhangs & under the stars, sidetrips through caves and waterfalls, and the amazing spread of food meant each day was its own special adventure. The excitement of navigating the continually changing river itself with its rapids, obstructions, portages and lining the rafts through technically challenging sections meant our 8 days flew by.

If you’re thinking of doing this trip, do it! And definitely do the whole Franklin not just the Lower Franklin… you’ll be missing the essence of the adventure.

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“the most awesome 10 day rafting with Water By Nature”

Spent christmas and new year on the beautiful Franklin river on a 10 day white water rafting expedition with Water By Nature. Huge thanks to Matt, Jim, and Abigail for an incredible journey in such stunning World Heritage Wilderness. You need a bit of fitness for this trip as there is some rock scrambling to get around some un-navigable rapids, and abit of fitness to paddle. But every second is enjoyable. There were 14 of us including our 3 guides, and we all just had a wonderful experience together. The food is fantastic, and seems to constantly appear. They take so much pride in their cooking and i honestly can’t fault it at all – brilliant meal every night. You sleep under the stars (or under a tarp if rainy) or under rocky overhangs, under beautiful trees. We even had a gorgeous Eastern Quoll walk through our camp one afternoon which was exciting for all of us. We were able to drink the river water which is a novelty – bit stained with tea tree colour, and then other times we would find little water flows of the clearest spring water – just incredible. Walking through the Lost Canyon, tucked away in the wilderness was so special – walking up narrow waterfalls surrounded by glowing green moss and! I have travelled to many beautiful parts of Australia, but i have to say this is up there with the best of them.
I feel privileged to have experienced this part of the world and so happy to have shared it with some amazing fellow adventurers. Thanks to Water by Nature for an unforgettable journey

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“Franklin River Rafting — 5 star”

Just enjoyed christmas and new year on a 10 day rafting expedition with Water By Nature down the 110km of the Franklin River and wow what a holiday. Matt, Jim, and Abigail are the most fab guides. Matt was just so skilled, and reassuring that we all felt so comfortable and confident in his guiding. The food was unbelievable- just kept on appearing and always different and wonderful! They take pride in their cooking definitely. The scenery is stunning, the rapids are just so much fun. Such a privilege to see such a unique World Heritage Wilderness-
i feel so fortunate. And you get to meet and experience this journey with such wonderful fellow travellers. Had been on my bucket list for years and it lived up to all, and more, of my expectations. Thanks Water by Nature

Reviewed January 31, 2018 read on facebook read on facebook

Sonia Baker

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“This is a five star service, experience and food.”
Met these guys while packrafting the Franklin last week. This is a five star service, experience and food. I’m going to do the Franklin again with my wife and will use Water By Nature for sure.

Reviewed February 7, 2018 read on facebook read on facebook

Jeremy Carter

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Hi, we were traveling down the river as a private group while keeping pace with a Water by Nature party.

I want to thank the guides Klaudia & Abigail for all their advice. The last time I paddled the Franklin was 35 years ago during the protest and I appreciated their assistance to jog my memory and inform us of what changed. I also need to mention the food that they prepared every nigh. I would have been happy to find that quality of food in a restaurant. Seriously thinking about taking a trip with them just for the food. Thanks again for all your help!

Reviewed February 2018 read on Google+ read on Google+

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“Franklin River Rafting”
An awesome White water rafting trip, excellent river guides and cooks. Happy small group of travelers

Reviewed 17 February 2018 via mobile read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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“An amazing life time memory.”

I whole heartedly recommend rafting down the Franklin River and Water by Nature Tasmania. I am 58 years old and a vegetarian. The food was great and the care of the rafters and attention to safety was clearly paramount to the guides. Its not an easy paddle. You need to be prepared for cold and some hard work but its worth it. The Franklin River is amazing and needs to be experienced first hand. Thanks Brett, Scott and Ross for a life time memory. Blessings Nicholas.

Reviewed 22 February 2018 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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“Fun and adventure on the Franklin”
We absolutely loved our 8-day Franklin River trip in January 2018 with Water by Nature Tasmania.

The river and surrounding wilderness is breathtaking. We felt lucky everyday just to be in such a special place.

Our guides Scotty and Angelo were fantastic – they had a perfect mix of safety, knowledge, organisation and fun, and were top camp cooks. They really made our trip awesome – thank you lads!

To anyone thinking of doing this trip, do it! It is a truly amazing experience. Go prepared for a week of incredible campsites, the most amazing starry skies you’ve ever seen, good old hard yakka and repeated surges of adrenaline! The sense of achievement at the end makes all the paddling worthwhile :)

Reviewed 4 March 2018 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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I greatly enjoyed my 10-day full Franklin trip with guides Scotty and Ross and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Amazing experience to spend 10 days out on the Franklin. It’s a stunning environment and we had a lot of fun rafting through it. Did the trip in early February with a mix of weather – clear skies to start, a few days of rain, and finishing with high water and lots of sun. Even though high water and lots of rain lead to a couple of days in camp it was still an amazing trip. The guides were very professional, highly skilled and had no trouble adapting things to our different skill levels. Their cooking skills were also highly valued – with great three course meals every night.

Reviewed April 2018 read on Google+ read on Google+

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“Rafting the Franklin River”

Amazing safe outdoor experience headed by Brett – aka Roger Federer of the rapids with fun fit and fabulous Abigail and Jayde. Food was AAA; the body develops some muscles and the repartee kept the jaws loosened.
Don’t do it with anyone else.

Reviewed 18 March 2018 via mobile read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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“Water by Nature – Wild Yoga on the Franklin”

The Franklin River is such a beautiful place. Thank-you Klaudia, for your passion and experience in guiding us into this wild river world and inspiring us to see the water and its moods. And to Rebecca, thank-you for bringing Wild Yoga to the Franklin and working the Wild Mind with us.

And the vegetarian food! Wow! I did not expect such great tucker!!! Again, thank-you Klaudia. You are one of the most hard-working and wonderfully crazy woman I have met in a while. What a GEM you are.

Thankyou Water by Nature – what an incredible experience!

Reviewed 19 March 2018 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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“Wow what an amazing experience on the Franklin.”

I can’t speak highly enough about the staff from Water by Nature. Brett, Klaudia and Scotty our guides. Always felt safe on the water, fantastic food, met great new friends, lots and lots of laughs. Thank you so much.

reviewed April 1, 2018 read on facebook read on facebook

Megan White

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“7 Day Full Franklin Rafting trip”

This is a truly amazing experience that I am happy to recommend to anyone wanting a genuinely unique and memorable trip. If you are Rafting down this beautiful river, through untouched wilderness with guides who a both experienced and passionate book with these guys. Has got to be one of the best experiences Australia has to offer for adventurous travellers. I did the trip with my 13 son – we both loved it.

Reviewed 29 April 2018 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

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