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Heading into the Great Ravine, Inception Reach with Oriel Rock in the far distance.

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Reviews 2014/15 season

I had a once-in-a-lifetime epic adventure rafting down the Franklin with Water by Nature, led by Brett and Klaudia who have extensive knowledge about the river. The rafts and equipments are first class and they provide the BEST meals you can ever imagine one can have in the wilderness. Egg and beacon in the mornings, premium sandwiches with super fresh ingredients for lunch, various cuisines for dinner such as thai curry and a chunk of steak! (Let alone sufficient snacks and sweets in between meals). Brett and Klaudia are so skilled and reliable. Facing the wild river, I felt challenged but never unsafe because of our experienced guides. During the 10 days we were surrounded by nothing but the beautiful and wild mother nature – roaring water, primitive forests and mountains, and secretive Tassie wildlife.

I felt blessed and thankful to see this part of the country. If you are thinking about rafting down the Franklin – do it with Water by Nature! Thank you, Brett and Klaudia, for the amazing journey.

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“Life changing for the local girls” What do you call a bunch of 40 year old girls in a raft?
Bloody happy!
We had the most amazing time with Brett, Klaudia and Robin, our guides.
The food was unbelievable! I really commend them for that and the fact that they try so hard to not only provide the most amazing experience on the river, but also off the river. at camp at night.
Their knowledge and combined experience is very comforting when you are an inexperienced rafter!
The ruggedness and beauty of the river is astounding
I will definitely do this again.

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NatFroh, Hobart, Australia, 1 review

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“Water by Nature Tasmania” If you are thinking about a bucket list trip that only a very lucky few get to experience then rafting the Franklin ticks all the boxes. There are several companies who raft the Franklin. As an older traveler but aspirations of a young adventurer safety was an important consideration for me. Rafting with Brett and his team at Water by Nature Tasmania exceeded all my expectations. They were professional, well organised and we all felt safe, secure and well supported at all times. Safety was their priority. They also managed to serve fresh delicious food and share their knowledge of the river gained over many years. As we paddled we saw unforgettable scenery, we saw a platypus on the river and and quoll ran about in one of our camp sites. None of this would have been possible without the exceptional skills of Brett and his team. If you are planning a trip on the Franklin book with Water by Nature Tasmania. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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Vicki190, Greater Wellington, New Zealand, 1 review, 2 helpful votes

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“Water by Nature Tasmania” is the best guiding company for the Franklin River imaginable. I have just got back to New Zealand from their 10-day journey – my own magical mystery tour! I can’t thank Brett enough for his insights, his experience, and his care for us – sharing his 30 years on the Franklin with humour and grace. those who protested and saved the Franklin 30 years ago would all be pleased to have Brett leading others through the wilderness they preserved, and leaving no marks on this remarkable landscape. And to Brett and Klaudia for their gourmet meals with the freshest Tasmanian organic produce. We slept under the stars, ate like kings and were exhilarated by the rafting. Rafting the Franklin River is a special privilege. Only 600 people a year get to do the trip compared to 5000 climbing Mount Everest. An amazing treat.

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Cath H., Auckland, New Zealand, 1 review

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“Water by Nature Franklin River” We have just completed an exceptional trip with Brett and Klaudia from Water by Nature. Just a wonderful experience. A group of 10 young men , well in mind, 50 to 73 years. The food, the scenery the wilderness the river the camp site and those special side trips made this a 10 out of 10 for me. I had to pass up my annual powder trip to Japan, for this trip and I was not disappointed. Yes you are pushed out of your comfort zone from time to time , but the rewards are tenfold. Its wilderness at it best, yet somehow each evening Brett and Klaudia continue to serve up exotic food, the best of both worlds.

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16JackP2015, Sydney, Australia, 1 review

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“Water by Nature Franklin River Rafting” Although I’m reasonably fit and fairly adventurous, it took quite a lot of encouragement for me to be persuaded to take on the Franklin. And, despite the flooding rains, I can unreservedly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The river is wild, beautiful and challenging. It was a complete privilege to be there and a great way to experience the remote Southwest. What really made it was the experience of our guides. The river was constantly changing, the rain at times extreme, even for the Franklin, and I appreciated being guided and encouraged by someone who has done it as many times as Brett. All with amazing patience and good humour. It would be remiss not to mention the delicious and plentiful food, the beautiful side walks, clambering up out of the valley to some spectacular views, and the excellent, quality clothing and equipment provided for the trip. I’ll be back.

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helenaj344, Hobart, Australia, 1 review, 2 helpful votes

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“Exhilarating, beautiful, gourmet food, excellent river guides” My dream was to raft the Franklin before I turned 50, but instead I managed to go with my wife a three adult children . We completed the 7 day full Franklin river tour under the expert guidance of Brett and Klaudia. They got us safely down the river and served up amazing food. We were helped by a nice rain event the night before departure to raise the water levels for the initial upper Franklin and then reached Newlands for a rest day which coincided with a huge dump that raised the river 3 meters and flushed us along the lower Franklin for the last two days. The gear we were provided with was excellent (wetsuits, spray jacket, helmet, lilo and dry bag) and it was good to have only a few items for camping. The rafts were amazing – they withstood the sharp rocks without puncturing and despite a capsize, no gear was lost or got wet. One of my daughters freaked out when the raft capsized and she came up underneath the raft, but she grabbed a breath from the air bubble underneath the raft and managed to swim safely out. The guides were extremely knowledgeable about the river despite its changing levels and hazards and took great care which rapids could be safely paddled over. We had to walk around a few and this involved some rock scrambling and climbing, so you need good soles for grip on your wet shoes. The campsites varied depending on the river level and we slept in the open apart from Newlands where the rock overhang sheltered us from the rain. If you needed a tarp or tent, it would need to squeeze in between trees as there were few large open flat areas. We stopped to explore wonderful secrets like waterfalls, caves and canyons along the way. Brett has a dry sense of humour which suits river guiding!

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John E, Canberra, Australia, Reviewer, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities

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“Amazing Journey down the Franklin River” The seven-day journey organised by Water by Nature down the Franklin River must rank among one of the greatest adventure trips in Tasmania, if not in the world: just imagine – being immersed for seven days in this awesome wilderness, with nothing but the water, rocks, forest, sky and sun being of importance. The rafts and equipment were first class, and both guides highly skilled, knowledgeable and worked incredibly hard to make this a most memorable and safe journey. Food was amazing, fresh every day (no dehydrated stuff!!), delicious (imagine garlic scallops as an entree with one of the meals!!) with wine being served with every meal! A truly remarkable, unforgettable journey!

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Henro09, Hobart, Australia, Contributor, 20 reviews, Reviews in 14 cities, 13 helpful votes

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“Rafting with Water By Nature” I rafted the Franklin river for 7 days in late December to early January this year with Water By Nature.

It’s the only rafting I’ve done.

It was tough, easy, challenging, beautiful and very, very rewarding. The food continually amazed me; plenty, varied and delicious – all in the middle of a remote river – thank you, Brett for your thoughtful menu and generous cooking.

And thank you to each of the three licensed guides who looked after us with attentive, careful eyes and supported us with each paddle.

I grew to trust the guides and know they had our welfare at the heart of their work.

I feel rich to have been given the opportunity to ‘purge’ my body and spirit of ‘civilization’ with Water by Nature and to be back in town with good spirits and energy.

Try it, and, if you do, make sure you try it with Water By Nature,


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MichaelMobb, Reviewer, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities, 2 helpful votes

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“Water by Nature rafting” I recently completed a 7 day tour with Brett and his team from Water by Nature. They are passionate about the river, rafting and as it turns out fabulous food!

If you want to see the Franklin, this is the only way to do it and I have to say it is just a delightful place. To see the river quiet or feisty is a privilege.

Tackling the Franklin is no easy thing. It’s not just about the rafting. Depending on river levels and how dangerous the rapids are, there will be some hiking, climbing and abseiling by rope and carrying of luggage over boulders and rocks that can be slippery and wet. For me, this was far harder than the rafting. However everyone on the trip supported each each other. For many of my fellow travellers, this aspect was easy as they are regular hikers. At times you will be soaking wet and cold, but it is part of being on the Franklin. Also where else can you drink the water directly from the river as it is so clean!

If 7 days is too long they do shorter tours and the 3 day lower Franklin twould be a great trip for anyone who wanted a less physical but beautiful tour of the river.

Brett provides exceptional food. I can’t believe what he can muster up. New Years Eve he got up early cooked a roast and provided several courses with champagne that night. Most nights he cooked several courses including for one rafter, gluten free.

I want to thank Brett and his team for their passion, love of the river and hard work they put into the making the trip so safe and enjoyable.

The franklin river and Tasmanian weather is unpredictable, so every trip will be different. You need to be flexible and just take the week as it surprises you. If the weather is bad there is a slim chance you may not get back on time. It’s a rare occurrence but I think it is worth mentioning.

I’d recommend Water by Nature without hesitation.


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archielovesveronica, Sydney, Senior Contributor, 37 reviews, 4 attraction reviews, Reviews in 16 cities, 38 helpful votes

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“‎Water by Nature Tasmania – Franklin River Rafting
December 21, 2014 ·”

Fantastic trip on the river that changed so many lives, as a person who has so many connections to this river I would like to say thanks to Brett and Rob for such a fantastic and professional trip. Such an ethical operation and fantastic feel for such an inspiring place.
Chris Arthur OAM

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Chris Arthur OAM, Hobart, Tasmania

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“Franklin River Rafting” Great experience. Our guides were brilliant. Lovely young men doing a great job. Loved the food and the effort they put in. River was beautiful. Huon pines galore. Saw 3 platypus and lots of sea eagles. Great bonding experience with my mates. I loved this trip. A serious adventure.

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John H, 1 review, 2 helpful votes

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“Wilderness and Adrenalin on the Franklin river”
Well that’s in the top 10 things of my life I have done and unlikely to get kicked out.
A 40th birthday present for my gorgeous girlfriend Alexandra.
Breath taking beauty, adrenalin, friendship, just jaw dropping to share.
Many thanks to our guides Brett and Klaudia who had every aspect covered.
Food was amazing given all our supplied for 7 days had to be taken with us!
Brett’s respect for the river and our safety was paramount.
Any adventure such as this has a dangerous element, Brett’s cautious approach kept us all safe and sound to return to our loved ones with stories of beauty and excitement.
We thank also our adventurous fellow travellers Bob and Anne in their 60’s for sharing our raft.

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Mark N, 1 review, 1 helpful vote

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