Equipment List

Equipment List

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What’s included

>> Transport from Hobart to the Franklin River and back, including yacht cruise or seaplane flight on the last day of the five, seven and ten day departures;

>> All meals (lots of delicious fresh locally sourced food) from lunch Day One to brunch on the last trip day; Bed&Breakfast on Night One of the 5-day tour;

>> All white water rafting equipment, including the best in buoyancy aids, helmets and spray jackets;

>> Wetsuits – long legs and short arms;

>> All camping equipment including comfortable airbeds with pillows (except sleeping bags); we supply tents on most trips;

>> We have a selection of modern self bailing rafts including the largest, most comfortable and safest boats on the river;

>> Watershed dry bags (the only truly dry dry bags see to store personal gear whilst on the river (60 litres), they have comfortable shoulder straps on them so you probably wont need a day pack for the Frenchman’s cap walk;

>> National park entry fees;

>> Satellite phone and EPIRB for emergency communications;

>> Qualified and experienced river guides;

>> Comprehensive first aid kit;

>> Pelican case with water resistant O-ring seals for cameras and fragile items;

>> DVD of your trip.

What’s NOT included

>> Travel insurance;

>> Airfares – except where stated;

>> Sleeping bag – may be hired for $60;

>> Meals and accommodation when off the river (except lunch, dinner, Bed&Breakfast on Day One of the 5-day tour);

>> Items of a personal nature.

Personal Equipment (what you need to bring)

Because of the potential for cold conditions thermal wear (fibre pile/fleece or similar garments) should be taken where indicated.


>> Footwear: we strongly recommend Dunlop volleys (the real brand ones not just some look-alike’s)
OR ‘5.10 brand’ or ‘stealth rubber’ soled runners! They provide by far the best grip for moving around on wet rocks;
OR runners with soft rubber soles;
Avoid sandals and wet suit boots, as they generally do not provide sufficient support when moving around on wet rocks;

>> One pair of woollen (e.g. Explorer), thermal or neoprene socks;

>> First layer under wetsuit – swimwear OR Lycra tights OR Lycra suit OR Rashies;

>> Long sleeved thermal top – polypropylene / polyester fleece / neoprene / sharkskin OR light weight wool NOT cotton – for under the spray jacket:

>> Shorts – to wear over wetsuit;

>> Peaked cap;

>> Small water resistant sunscreen.


>> Sleeping bag – polyester or down – should be rated to Comfort 0°C or lower;

>> Rain jacket with hood – coated nylon or Gore-Tex with sealed seams;

>> Warm tracksuit pants OR polyester fibre pile pants, NOT jeans or cotton trousers;

>> Shorts;

>> Two T-shirts;

>> A fibre pile fleece jacket OR warm jumper;

>> Second thermal long sleeved top;

>> Thermal pants or tights;

>> Woollen or thermal socks;

>> Runners or very lightweight boots or Crocs / Sandals, heavy boots are not normally required for Frenchman’s Cap as you are not carrying a heavy pack – they can also take up a lot of room in your river bag

>> Head lamp LED (e.g. Petzl tikka) and spare batteries OR Small torch ;

>> Minimal soap, tooth paste and tooth brush;

>> Woolen or thermal hat;

>> Money – you may wish to purchase drinks, snacks or souvenirs en route to and from the river;

>> Medication – you should bring any medications you take regularly or anticipate you may need, particularly analgesics. We carry medications for emergency use.


You might want to bring any of the below items, but they are not considered essential.

>> Your own wetsuit OR dry suit OR dry top / bottom;

>> Thermal bottoms or lycra pants under wetsuit for extra warmth;

>> Leather or neoprene sailing gloves;

>> Sunglasses with retention strap;

>> Over pants – nylon or Gore-Tex;

>> Down jacket recommended;

>> Thermarest and thermarest chair;

>> Tent – small OR Bivvy bag (if you prefer to sleep in you own tent);

>> Inner sheet for sleeping bag;

>> Pillow very small or inflatable;

>> Chamois or very small towel;

>> MP3/Music Player;

>> Binoculars;

>> Insect repellent;

>> Spare glasses or contact lenses;

>> Book.


The Franklin River is currently free of many pests, weeds and diseases – and we’d like to keep it that way. Our biggest threats are Phytophthora (root rot), didymo algae, chytrid frog fungus, myrtle rust and weed seeds. Before you pack, CHECK, CLEAN AND DRY all clothing and equipment, paying special attention to boots, Velcro (on jackets) and pockets. …read more


>> Easiest with lightweight waterproof digital cameras (can be attached to your life jacket with a lanyard);

>> GoPro or similar waterproof action cameras can produce great on the run footage. Many of our helmets have GoPro mounts;

>> Video cameras have been taken down the river;

>> A tripod can be useful;

>> Bring spare batteries and memory cards.

>> We have a variety of pelican cases for SLR’s and lenses; If you have a large amount of camera equipment requiring pelicase(s) please let us know in advance;

Please avoid wearing jewellery on the river.

Excess gear may be stored at the Astor if you are staying there. We can also store excess gear and vehicles for you at our base.

CALL BRETT ON 1800 1111 42 or +61 408 242941