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    The 'wild thing' Portage past the Cauldron in the Great Ravine. Franklin River Rafting

    Welcome to Water by Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting ™

    We offer 5, 7 and 10 day wilderness whitewater rafting adventures – an exhilarating and relaxing culinary journey. On your Franklin River Rafting ™ adventure you will experience surging rapids, exciting whitewater, tranquil gorges and pristine temperate rainforests of myrtle, leatherwood, sassafras and the rare and ancient huon pine. Native wildlife including platypus, wallabies, quolls, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and white-breasted sea eagles are often encountered.

    While rafting the World Heritage listed Franklin River, enjoy a variety of exotic and traditional cuisine with the emphasis on fresh gourmet Tasmanian produce and herbs, in a unique wilderness setting.

    New to whitewater rafting? Rely on our expert knowledge of the Franklin River, your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our priorities. Read some reviews.

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    On Lonely Planet – Rafting the Franklin River ranked Number 1 in “Top 10 outdoor adventures in Tasmania”

    Tasmania might seem like the ends of the earth, but it’s really the beginning of your adventure. The island state could not have been better designed for lovers of the outdoors… Here’s our pick of Tasmania’s top outdoor adventures.

    1. Rafting the Franklin River

    Crashing for 125km through steep gorges, the Franklin River, west of Hobart in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is one of Australia’s iconic rivers and a vital part of Tasmanian history. First run by a pair of canoeists in 1958, today fewer than 500 people attempt it each year. Guided rafting trips, such as those with outfitters Water by Nature Tasmania, put in at Collingwood River and finish at Sir John Falls on the Gordon River. In between, expect to be immersed in the wilderness of this World Heritage Area for up to 10 days. Submitting yourself to the whims of wild water and weather is a potentially life-changing experience.”

    Launched in 2003, Water by Nature Tasmania organises professionally guided five-, seven- and ten-day wilderness whitewater rafting expeditions through the rapids and reaches of the iconic Franklin River in South-West Tasmania. We are based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Our guides are professionals with a great passion for the Franklin River. They are chosen for their excellence in wilderness whitewater rafting, culinary, first aid and interpretation skills. Our senior guide Brett has organised whitewater rafting expeditions on the Franklin River every season since 1987 for Wildtrek, Peregrine and from 2003 for Water By Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting and still looks forward to every trip.

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    We may be able to customise the length and start date of your Franklin River Rafting ™ tour if you have a group of four or more. We can and have run Full River expeditions of 5 to 14 days, Upper River tours of 4 to 8 days and Lower River trips of 3 to 6 days duration.

    Please enquire regarding group charters and discounts for groups of three or more. Call Brett on 1800-1111-42 anytime or use our Contact form.

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    A Culinary Journey

    Let us pamper you with delicious, healthy and nutritious, exotic and traditional cuisine. Our guides take pride in their cooking skills and go to great lengths to procure fresh Tasmanian produce and provide a varied and interesting menu.

    If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences just let us know in advance. We have catered for vegan, gluten free, full coeliac, lactose intolerant, low sodium diets and various food allergies.

    fitness levels, Franklin River Rafting, Water by Nature Tasmania

    Fitness Levels

    No previous whitewater rafting experience is necessary. But please be aware that rafting and camping in this magnificent, untamed and remote wilderness does require a medium fitness level and a sense of adventure.

    The minimum age is 16 or lower by arrangement. We have no maximum age limit. Several people in their seventies have successfully completed Franklin River Rafting ™ trips with us.

    We were fortunate to paddle the full raftable length of the Franklin River with the very pleasant and fit Herb Elliott, 76 and his family group (see group shot above), over 5 days in November 2014. He said he was a little tired at the end of the trip and felt fine a day later.

    Dates and Prices

    We offer discounts for groups of three or more. Please contact us regarding specials and group rates. Call us on 1800-1111-42 anytime or use the Contact form below.

    Prices subject to change without notice. || confirmed departure, space available || * .. exceptions to departure day

    Full Franklin River Rafting trip
    7-day AUD 2690

    8-day AUD 2790

    departs Sundays, finish Saturdays/Sundays
    Raft the full navigable length of the Franklin River (about 105 km) in seven/eight unforgettable days

    Departures 2020:

    Oct 4 – 10 (7-day)
    Oct 25 – 31 (7-day)
    confirmed Nov 1 – 7 (7-day)
    confirmed Nov 15 – 21 (7-day)
    Nov 22 – 28 (7-day)
    Nov 29 – Dec 5 (7-day)
    Dec 5 – 12 (8-day)
    confirmed Dec 6 – 12 (7-day)
    fully booked Dec 10 – 17* (8-day)
    confirmed Dec 13 – 19 (7-day)
    fully booked Dec 14 – 20* (7-day)
    confirmed Dec 16 – 23* (8-day)
    Dec 18 – 24* (7-day)
    confirmed Dec 22 – 28* (7-day)
    fully booked Dec 26 – Jan 2* (8-day)
    confirmed Dec 27 – Jan 2 (7-day)
    confirmed Dec 30 – Jan 5* (7-day)

    Departures 2021:

    confirmed Jan 3 – 9 (7-day)
    confirmed Jan 6 – 13* (8-day)
    confirmed Jan 10 – 17 (8-day)
    confirmed Jan 12 – 19 (8-day)
    Jan 17 – 24 (8-day)
    Jan 24 – 31 (8-day)
    Jan 31 – Feb 7 (8-day)
    Feb 14 – 21 (8-day)
    Feb 28 – Mar 7 (8-day)
    Mar 7 – 14 (8-day)
    Mar 14 – 21 (8-day)
    Mar 21 – 27 (7-day)
    confirmed Mar 28 – Apr 3 (7-day)
    Apr 2 – 8* (7-day Easter trip)
    confirmed Apr 11 – 17 (7-day)

    Full Franklin River Rafting trip incl. Frenchmans Cap
    9-day AUD 3180

    10-day AUD 3280

    departs Saturdays, finish Sunday/Monday
    Raft the full navigable length of the Franklin River (about 105 km), incl. optional day walk to Frenchmans Cap

    Departures 2020:

    Nov 14 – 22 (9-day)
    confirmed Nov 28 – Dec 6 (9-day)
    Dec 5 – 13 (9-day)
    Dec 12 – 20 (9-day)
    Dec 19 – 27 (9-day)
    confirmed Dec 23 – Jan 1* (10-day)
    confirmed Dec 28 – Jan 5* (9-day)

    Departures 2021:

    Jan 2 – 10 (9-day)
    Jan 4 – 12* (9-day)
    Jan 9 – 17 (9-day)
    Jan 16 – 24 (9-day)
    Jan 23 – Feb 1 (10-day)
    confirmed Jan 30 – Feb 8 (10-day)
    fully booked Feb 6 – 15 (10-day)
    Feb 13 – 22 (10-day)
    Feb 20 – Mar 1 (10-day)
    Feb 27 – Mar 8 (10-day)
    Mar 6 – 15 (10-day)
    Mar 13 – 21 (9-day)
    Mar 20 – 28 (9-day)

    Upper and Middle Franklin River Rafting trip incl. Frenchmans Cap
    6-day AUD 2590

    7-day AUD 2690

    departs Saturdays, finish Thursdays/Fridays
    Raft the upper and middle sections of the Franklin River (about 60 km), incl. optional day walk to Frenchmans Cap

    Departures 2020:

    Nov 14 – 19 (6-day)
    confirmed Nov 28 – Dec 3 (6-day)
    Dec 5 – 10 (6-day)
    Dec 12 – 17 (6-day)
    Dec 19 – 24 (6-day)
    confirmed Dec 23 – 29* (7-day)
    confirmed Dec 28 – Jan 2* (6-day)

    Departures 2021:

    Jan 2 – 7 (6-day)
    Jan 4 – 9* (6-day)
    Jan 9 – 14 (6-day)
    Jan 16 – 21 (6-day)
    Jan 23 – 29 (7-day)
    confirmed Jan 30 – Feb 5 (7-day)
    fully booked Feb 6 – 12 (7-day)
    Feb 13 – 19 (7-day)
    Feb 20 – 26 (7-day)
    Feb 27 – Mar 5 (7-day)
    Mar 6 – 12 (7-day)
    Mar 13 – 18 (6-day)
    Mar 20 – 25 (6-day)

    Lower Franklin River Rafting trip
    5-day AUD 2490
    departs Wednesdays/Thursdays, finish Sundays/Mondays
    4WD to Mt. McCall, raft Propsting Gorge and the tranquil reaches of the Lower Franklin River to Sir John Falls (about 45km)

    Departures 2020:

    Nov 18 – 22 (5-day)
    confirmed Dec 2 – 6 (5-day)
    Dec 9 – 13 (5-day)
    Dec 16 – 20 (5-day)
    Dec 23 – 27 (5-day)
    confirmed Dec 28 – Jan 1* (5-day)

    Departures 2021:

    confirmed Jan 1 – 5* (5-day)
    Jan 6 – 10 (5-day)
    Jan 8 – 12* (5-day)
    Jan 13 – 17 (5-day)
    Jan 20 – 24 (5-day)
    Jan 28 – Feb 1 (5-day)
    confirmed Feb 4 – 8 (5-day)
    fully booked Feb 11 – 15 (5-day)
    Feb 18 – 22 (5-day)
    Feb 25 – Mar 1 (5-day)
    Mar 4 – 8 (5-day)
    Mar 11 – 15 (5-day)
    Mar 17 – 21 (5-day)
    Mar 24 – 28 (5-day)

    Prices subject to change without notice. || C .. confirmed departure, space available || * .. exceptions to departure day


      “Franklin River Rafting — 5 star”

      My family, friends and I loved every moment of our 7night rafting trip on the magnificent Franklin River! We felt some comfortable in the extremely capable hands of our guides Klaudia, Adrian and Blake. Expert knowledge of the Franklin and its’ history made the trip even more meaningful. Food was incredible and how you managed to prepare such delicious feasts is beyond me! Seafood, cheese platters, steak, carbonara, all fresh and tasty. Photos and video provided has captured our thrills and spills…I’ll treasure them.

      I can’t recommend this company enough! The trip is a MUST for the bucket list. Thank you!

      reviewed December 19, 2017 read on facebook read on facebook

      Jan Watbo
      “8 day trip with family and friends.”

      An unforgettable experience made so by the magnificent environment, great company and a first class crew. Klaudia, Adrian and Blake looked after us on and off the river. The food was sensational, fresh and delicious. They even managed to keep our vegans more than happy! Their knowledge and rafting skills were enriching. We learnt much and were able to embrace the pristine wilderness. Long may it remain!

      Reviewed 19 December 2017 via mobile read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Just received the video of the Nov, 17 trip – a brilliant reminder of an absolutely fantastic trip! Organisation, food and client care all 110% in a pristine and amazing area. Have wanted to do this trip for over 30 years – was worth waiting for :)

      reviewed December 2, 2017 read on facebook read on facebook

      Carmel Kerwick, AU
      “Fantastic five-day trip with four not-so-outdoorsy teenagers.” Beautiful weather and scenery and everyone loved the food, which is no mean feat. A challenge, but why not? Scott and Jim super helpful and fun. Memorable family holiday.

      Reviewed January 24, 2018 read on facebook read on facebook

      Michelle Joy Fincke
      Melanie, Maidstone, AU
      That was the most Australian experience I’ve ever had – what with the aboriginal history, convicts, explorers, politics, and of course the magnificent natural beauty. The guides were fantastic; the punters a delight; the food top shelf. The only thing that stops me recommending it to all and sundry is the desire to keep it a closely kept secret. I look forward to the gathering and sharing of photos and videos to keep the memories sacred.
      Don, NSW, AU
      I have just completed the 7 day Franklin River rafting trip with Water by Nature (Oct 4-10). Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Our guides/leaders, Brett & Klaudia, were awesome, on the water and off. If there was anything of interest to see (eg caves, waterfalls) we took time out and went ashore to explore. When it came time to camp, they worked non-stop preparing snacks and dinner (plus lunches during the day). The food was fantastic, varied and plentiful. They put in 110% and really made sure everyone was satisfied and happy. All the people on this trip were terrific, easy going and very friendly. The trip itself is exciting, adventurous and character building. I think I have an even greater appreciation of the wilderness.

      Visited October 2015 read on Google+ read on Google+

      Just finished up the 7 day trip. A real pleasure to raft with guides Brett and Klaudia (and the rest of the crew). The river was everything you’d hope it to be, the guides knowledgeable, helpful and safety conscious (without sucking the fun out it), and the food top-notch. The daily plunger coffee was a massive and unexpected bonus. Great trip for anyone who loves the outdoors, enjoys camping and wants a bit of adventure.

      Visited October 2015 read on Google+ read on Google+

      A life changing experience with professional, experienced, safe and fun guides who were fantastic! Could not recommend the journey enough for anyone and Water by Nature Tasmania should be first pick! The insights, passion and food were all sensational.Thanks so much Brett and Rob, an unforgettable time to treasure always.

      Visited December 2014 read on Google+ read on Google+

      I had a once-in-a-lifetime epic adventure rafting down the Franklin with Water by Nature, led by Brett and Klaudia who have extensive knowledge about the river. The rafts and equipment are first class and they provide the BEST meals you can ever imagine one can have in the wilderness. Egg and bacon in the mornings, premium sandwiches with super fresh ingredients for lunch, various cuisines for dinner such as Thai curry and a chunk of steak! (Let alone sufficient snacks and sweets in between meals). Brett and Klaudia are so skilled and reliable. Facing the wild river, I felt challenged but never unsafe because of our experienced guides. During the 10 days we were surrounded by nothing but the beautiful and wild mother nature – roaring water, primitive forests and mountains, and secretive Tassie wildlife. I felt blessed and thankful to see this part of the country. If you are thinking about rafting down the Franklin – do it with Water by Nature! Thank you, Brett and Klaudia, for the amazing journey.

      Visited March 2015 read on Google+ read on Google+

      “Life changing for the local girls” What do you call a bunch of 40 year old girls in a raft? Bloody happy! We had the most amazing time with Brett, Klaudia and Robin, our guides. The food was unbelievable! I really commend them for that and the fact that they try so hard to not only provide the most amazing experience on the river, but also off the river. at camp at night. Their knowledge and combined experience is very comforting when you are an inexperienced rafter! The ruggedness and beauty of the river is astounding I will definitely do this again.

      Visited April 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      NatFroh, Hobart, Australia, 1 review
      “Water by Nature Tasmania” If you are thinking about a bucket list trip that only a very lucky few get to experience then rafting the Franklin ticks all the boxes. There are several companies who raft the Franklin. As an older traveler but aspirations of a young adventurer safety was an important consideration for me. Rafting with Brett and his team at Water by Nature Tasmania exceeded all my expectations. They were professional, well organised and we all felt safe, secure and well supported at all times. Safety was their priority. They also managed to serve fresh delicious food and share their knowledge of the river gained over many years. As we paddled we saw unforgettable scenery, we saw a platypus on the river and and quoll ran about in one of our camp sites. None of this would have been possible without the exceptional skills of Brett and his team. If you are planning a trip on the Franklin book with Water by Nature Tasmania. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

      Visited February 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Vicki190, Greater Wellington, New Zealand, 1 review, 2 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature Tasmania” is the best guiding company for the Franklin River imaginable. I have just got back to New Zealand from their 10-day journey – my own magical mystery tour! I can’t thank Brett enough for his insights, his experience, and his care for us – sharing his 30 years on the Franklin with humour and grace. those who protested and saved the Franklin 30 years ago would all be pleased to have Brett leading others through the wilderness they preserved, and leaving no marks on this remarkable landscape. And to Brett and Klaudia for their gourmet meals with the freshest Tasmanian organic produce. We slept under the stars, ate like kings and were exhilarated by the rafting. Rafting the Franklin River is a special privilege. Only 600 people a year get to do the trip compared to 5000 climbing Mount Everest. An amazing treat.

      Visited February 2015 read on yelp read on yelp

      Cath H., Auckland, New Zealand, 1 review
      “Water by Nature Franklin River” We have just completed an exceptional trip with Brett and Klaudia from Water by Nature. Just a wonderful experience. A group of 10 young men , well in mind, 50 to 73 years. The food, the scenery the wilderness the river the camp site and those special side trips made this a 10 out of 10 for me. I had to pass up my annual powder trip to Japan, for this trip and I was not disappointed. Yes you are pushed out of your comfort zone from time to time , but the rewards are tenfold. Its wilderness at it best, yet somehow each evening Brett and Klaudia continue to serve up exotic food, the best of both worlds.

      Visited February 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      16JackP2015, Sydney, Australia, 1 review
      “Water by Nature Franklin River Rafting” Although I’m reasonably fit and fairly adventurous, it took quite a lot of encouragement for me to be persuaded to take on the Franklin. And, despite the flooding rains, I can unreservedly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The river is wild, beautiful and challenging. It was a complete privilege to be there and a great way to experience the remote Southwest. What really made it was the experience of our guides. The river was constantly changing, the rain at times extreme, even for the Franklin, and I appreciated being guided and encouraged by someone who has done it as many times as Brett. All with amazing patience and good humour. It would be remiss not to mention the delicious and plentiful food, the beautiful side walks, clambering up out of the valley to some spectacular views, and the excellent, quality clothing and equipment provided for the trip. I’ll be back.

      Visited January 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      helenaj344, Hobart, Australia, 1 review, 2 helpful votes
      This is my first opportunity to contact you re. our rafting trip over the new year. Firstly, my compliments on the wonderful experience you provided to us and the professional manner in which your guides conducted themselves. I have great admiration for both Riley and Chris, and the enjoyment we got out of the trip was due in no small part to them. Their sense of fun, their ability to ensure that everyone felt included and involved, and their willingness to engage with us all, was fundamental to the experience we enjoyed. More importantly, their skills in the raft and on the water were clearly evident, and very reassuring in some of the more ‘hairy’ spots. I remember the thrills and spills but never felt unsafe or in danger, even when we flipped in Thunderrush. Please convey my appreciation and thanks to them both, as I did not really do so when we left the river at McCall’s. I fully intend to return and ‘finish’ the river. Once again, my thanks to you and everyone involved for a memorable experience.

      Great stuff!!

      Daryl Leach, Vic, Australia, Jan 2015
      “Exhilarating, beautiful, gourmet food, excellent river guides” My dream was to raft the Franklin before I turned 50, but instead I managed to go with my wife a three adult children . We completed the 7 day full Franklin river tour under the expert guidance of Brett and Klaudia. They got us safely down the river and served up amazing food. … The gear we were provided with was excellent (wetsuits, spray jacket, helmet, lilo and dry bag) and it was good to have only a few items for camping. The rafts were amazing – they withstood the sharp rocks without puncturing and despite a capsize, no gear was lost or got wet. One of my daughters freaked out when the raft capsized and she came up underneath the raft, but she grabbed a breath from the air bubble underneath the raft and managed to swim safely out. The guides were extremely knowledgeable about the river despite its changing levels and hazards and took great care which rapids could be safely paddled over. …

      Visited January 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      John E, Canberra, Australia, Reviewer, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities
      “Amazing Journey down the Franklin River” The seven-day journey organised by Water by Nature down the Franklin River must rank among one of the greatest adventure trips in Tasmania, if not in the world: just imagine – being immersed for seven days in this awesome wilderness, with nothing but the water, rocks, forest, sky and sun being of importance. The rafts and equipment were first class, and both guides highly skilled, knowledgeable and worked incredibly hard to make this a most memorable and safe journey. Food was amazing, fresh every day (no dehydrated stuff!!), delicious (imagine garlic scallops as an entree with one of the meals!!) with wine being served with every meal! A truly remarkable, unforgettable journey!

      Visited January 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Henro09, Hobart, Australia, Contributor, 20 reviews, Reviews in 14 cities, 13 helpful votes
      “Rafting with Water By Nature” I rafted the Franklin river for 7 days in late December to early January this year with Water By Nature. It’s the only rafting I’ve done. It was tough, easy, challenging, beautiful and very, very rewarding. The food continually amazed me; plenty, varied and delicious – all in the middle of a remote river – thank you, Brett for your thoughtful menu and generous cooking. And thank you to each of the three licensed guides who looked after us with attentive, careful eyes and supported us with each paddle.

      … Try it, and, if you do, make sure you try it with Water By Nature, M

      Visited January 2015 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      MichaelMobb, Reviewer, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities, 2 helpful votes
      Britt Jepsen, Denmark, Jan 2015
      Hi Brett, I would just like to say that Rebecca and I really enjoyed the trip. Please pass on our thanks to Robin and Robbie being fantastic guides and making life on the river so enjoyable. Thanks again
      M. King, Victoria, Australia, Jan 2015
      Experience of a lifetime! Can’t thank Robin and Josh enough. If there’s one place in the world to raft it’s the Franklin. 5
      We had a fantastic time and would love to go again.. 5
      Fun guides, crazy experience, exhausting and everything you could want… 5
      Epic trip! Great guides! Experience of a lifetime!… 5
      Absolutely amazing experience. Would recommend to anyone who likes a bit of adventure.. 5
      Awesome trip … Bucket list stuff. Excellent organisation, food and experience… 5
      Unbelievable!.. 5
      Went early this your with a friend and we are both planning on going back. Had a fantastic time.. 5
      Hey Brett, had a great time on the New Year’s trip. Really enjoyed the Rafting and the unplanned swimming sessions. And the flight out had a certain je ne said quoi which will leave a lasting impression. Amazing. Thanks again… 4
      “Water by Nature rafting” I recently completed a 7 day tour with Brett and his team from Water by Nature. They are passionate about the river, rafting and as it turns out fabulous food! If you want to see the Franklin, this is the only way to do it and I have to say it is just a delightful place. To see the river quiet or feisty is a privilege.

      ….  Brett provides exceptional food. I can’t believe what he can muster up. New Years Eve he got up early cooked a roast and provided several courses with champagne that night. Most nights he cooked several courses including for one rafter, gluten free. I want to thank Brett and his team for their passion, love of the river and hard work they put into the making the trip so safe and enjoyable. ….   I’d recommend Water by Nature without hesitation.


      Visited December 2014 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      archielovesveronica, Sydney, Senior Contributor, 37 reviews, 4 attraction reviews, Reviews in 16 cities, 38 helpful votes
      “‎Water by Nature Tasmania – Franklin River Rafting December 21, 2014 ·”

      Fantastic trip on the river that changed so many lives, as a person who has so many connections to this river I would like to say thanks to Brett and Rob for such a fantastic and professional trip. Such an ethical operation and fantastic feel for such an inspiring place. Chris Arthur OAM

      Visited December 2014 read on facebook read on facebook

      Chris Arthur OAM, Hobart, Tasmania
      “Franklin River Rafting” Great experience. Our guides were brilliant. Lovely young men doing a great job. Loved the food and the effort they put in. River was beautiful. Huon pines galore. Saw 3 platypus and lots of sea eagles. Great bonding experience with my mates. I loved this trip. A serious adventure.

      Visited November 2014 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      John H, 1 review, 2 helpful votes
      “Wilderness and Adrenalin on the Franklin river” Well that’s in the top 10 things of my life I have done and unlikely to get kicked out. A 40th birthday present for my gorgeous girlfriend Alexandra. Breath taking beauty, adrenalin, friendship, just jaw dropping to share. Many thanks to our guides Brett and Klaudia who had every aspect covered. Food was amazing given all our supplied for 7 days had to be taken with us! Brett’s respect for the river and our safety was paramount. Any adventure such as this has a dangerous element, Brett’s cautious approach kept us all safe and sound to return to our loved ones with stories of beauty and excitement. We thank also our adventurous fellow travellers Bob and Anne in their 60’s for sharing our raft.

      Visited November 2014 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Mark N, 1 review, 1 helpful vote
      “Water by Nature Franklin River Rafting, 7 day trip” My experience rafting on the Franklin River with Water by Nature Tasmania totally exceeded my expectations. Aside from the amazing rafting the guides made sure we were all well catered for and looked after with food and other comforts. I was impressed by the amount, thought and care that had obviously gone into the menu. When the guides whipped up Tasmanian scallops and juicy steaks on day 5 I was stoked. Being gluten intolerant I was a little worried about catering but nothing was ever too much trouble for the guides who made sure every meal had fantastic gluten free options.

      The guides Brett and Klaudia were always happy to help and made sure that the whole trip ran smoothly even with the continually changing weather and river conditions. They provided us with all the equipment including amazing waterproof bags to put all our clothes in and super comfy beds. …. Cheers to Brett and Klaudia for their expertise and for making it a fabulous trip

      Visited April 2014 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Megs-Hawley, Hobart, Australia,1 review
      “Water by Nature Franklin River Rafting An incredible way to visit this unique place” The Franklin River is such an important part of our political and environmental history that the chance to visit this remarkable place was something I had hoped to do for years. A friend’s invitation to join him on a commercial rafting trip was quickly accepted. …. What was remarkable was not only was Brett good on the river but with his partner Klaudia could spin out delicious high class taste tempting meals and morsels day in day out. An impressive feat after a day of heavy rafting. Clearly they have their efficiencies and routines well worked out. For me it was an awe inspiring experience and I am very appreciative of the relentless campaigning by Bob Brown and his supporters back in the 1980’s right through to now. It is patently obvious that this naturally sculpted Japanese like water garden would have been obliterated without the vision and the persistence of the campaigners.

      Everybody deserves to experience the Franklin, it reassures you that Nature is awesome and warrants our lifelong support. Brett and Klaudia are a very competent very experienced safe pair of hands … Thanks Scott

      Visited April 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Ithaca1, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities, 7 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature Rafting the Franklin” It was Remote, it was Rugged, it was Risky, it was RAW. The 7 days rafting the Franklin ripped me from my comfort zone and threw me to my edge. I spent 6 days water logged, ate like a king, paddled my butt off and mastered the art of the freezer bag drop. I feel privileged to have experienced 7 days of natural beauty and isolation in this world heritage listed wilderness and am indebted to Brett and Klaudia for sacrificing an easy, low-risk life to take me there and look after me. I was a member of a great team of 7 others apart from the 2 guides and we had such a fun time. Lastly, thank you, Dr. Bob Brown for your untiring commitment to keeping the Franklin as Mother Earth intends it to be.

      Visited April 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      John O, Peachester, Australia, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities, 3 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature 7 day Franklin River with guides, Brett and Klaudia” Firstly, some background…..We’re 56 and 62, overweight, moderately fit but not agile, and novice campers! We joined the 7 day Water by Nature trip, rafting the full length of the Franklin River, with Brett as the guide in our raft. The outdoor camping experience, sleeping under rock overhangs, under a tarp on a beach and in tents in the bush, was a highlight for us, and was very comfortable and warm. …. The rafting was great fun and we were carefully guided through each rapid by Brett, who has over 25 years experience rafting the Franklin River. His unflappable manner, experience and skill made us feel very safe as we travelled through the picturesque river environment. The food prepared by Brett and Klaudia was amazing, and just kept on coming! I even picked up some new cooking tips from Klaudia.

      For more mature participants, be aware that this trip can be strenuous at times, and requires reasonable fitness, agility and strength to clamber over rocks, climb up hills and along tracks when portage is required, at times also carrying supplies and packs. ….Thanks Brett and Klaudia for making the seemingly impossible, possible, and for giving us an unforgettable life experience that we will treasure forever….

      Visited April 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      JanefromSydney, Australia, Senior Contributor, 42 reviews, 14 attraction reviews, Reviews in 25 cities, 34 helpful votes
      “Water By Nature–Adventure Plus” We enjoyed our rafting trip on the lower Franklin so much in 2009 that we went back for the 7 day full river trip in January 2014. The scenery is unbelievable. Newland’s Cascades camp site is my favourite place in the world. The only way to get out into this wilderness World Heritage area is by water and the best way to do it is with the experience of Brett and WxN. The trip is not for the feint hearted. Camping on a river bank and rock hopping is not for everyone but the adversity is more than made up for by Brett’s fantastic meals and expertise and the knowledge that you are in safe hands. We were in Klaudia’s raft and apart from a few exhilarating spills she guided us safely home. It rained on several days on both trips but that did not detract from this amazing experience.

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Doug S, 1 review, 1 helpful vote
      “White water rafting with WBN” Just do it. Franklin river is truly amazing and Brett, Klaudia, Jim and Jonno are the best of the best. A rafting trip you won’t forget. My son and I did the 7day on Jan 4 – 11 the weather was cold and rainy for 2 days made the rapids exciting then beautiful sunshine wonderful time . Food was fantastic all great cooks.

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      suzanne-olive, Melbourne, Australia, 1 review
      “Water by Nature 7 day Frankin River rafting trip” Loved this trip. Amazing place. Well organised, catered, uber professional. My son (17) and I did this as our first big bush/wild-country adventure together and great trip for building stronger bonds and relationships. My son took some convincing to go btw, but ended up being totally blown away by the wild majesty and grandeur and adventure of the trip (as I had hoped he would). Water By Nature (‘WBN’) and guides Brett and Klaudia were great across the board, not least for their great sense of how to engage the different characters, backgrounds and ages on the trip. ….

      The guides’ river navigation, raft movements and negotiation of big rapids and obstacles made it all look easy (ish…). Some parts of the river and great gorge look (through wide bulging eyes…) initially unpassable, yet our passage through paddling, lining or portaging made magic happen. ‘Wallah!’ what were we worried about.? I developed a growing awareness that the trip could have been much different, without really professional, experienced and mature guides …. – Al Sweetman

      Visited January 2014 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Al S, 2 reviews, Reviews in 2 cities
      “A great way to experience Tasmania’s wilderness!” The seven day full river Franklin Rafting trip with “Water by Nature” is an adventurous way to explore this remote area. Thanks to Brett and Klaudia you can’t get rid of the feeling that you stay in a five star hotel under the open sky. They offer a variety of good meals and snacks. The Franklin River changes its face during the trip a lot, from a raging torrent to a calm river. Nevertheless there are always things to do, like exploring caves or nearby waterfalls. From the sixth day on we could raft in the inflatable kayak which meant a lot of fun!

      Our camps were located next to the river and sleeping under the stars is an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking all the way down the river. The good weather (around 30 degrees every day) allowed us to fly out by seaplane a nice way to farewell the Franklin. For the first time you realise how remote the area really is. To round off the trip the whole group met for dinner in a local restaurant in Hobart. I highly recommend the trip, it’s guaranteed that you’ll leave with unforgettable memories.

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      uf_u_dervo, Hobart, Australia,1 review, 1 helpful vote
      “Fantastic experience!” We did the 5 day rafting trip down the Franklin River with Water by Nature leaving Hobart on 1 January 2014. Unseasonal the weather turned cold and conditions were more like what would be experienced in October, however, we had come prepared with all the right gear. It is an awesome experience which is very physical, challenging, exhilarating, scary at times and provides much adrenalin.

      Our guides Robin and Morgan where extremely experienced and knew every twist and turn the river took. We were also given local knowledge and history about the wilderness, the Franklin and the Gordon Rivers. We experienced a rapidly rising river as we had rain overnight during out stay. This made for good rafting conditions but poor overnight conditions, however, manage we did. …. All meals were provided on the trip and were excellent, tasty, nutritious and varied. All the gear is provided but take plenty of thermals, a warm sleeping bag and warm clothing for night time. It was definitely a wow experience!

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      jashmawa, Sydney, Australia, Senior Contributor, 28 reviews, 16 attraction reviews, Reviews in 12 cities, 9 helpful votes
      “Water By Nature: Fabulous” I have just returned from a rafting trip on the Franklin River for 4/5 days from the 10th January. I have no hesitation in raving about the experience. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, having only done day rafting before in other countries. Our guides were Jim and Jono who were a great team. They could read the river and obviously loved their work! I also stupidly left my camera at a lunch spot and they unhesitatingly returned upriver to retrieve it.

      The biggest surprise of all was the food. They were excellent cooks and I returned 2 kilos heavier; not what I expected. The whole experience will be logged as one of the best holidays I’ve had. Though reasonable fitness is essential and my quads have only just recovered from the descent from the MCall track to the river (where we started). Finally, the journey to the river from Hobart (via Queenstown) and the return on the Stormbreaker via Strahan was also pretty fab. The only downside was a mix up/delay with retrieving our bags at the end – which seemed to be a communication problem between Water By Nature and the bus company who transported us…but really. I am already planning on returning in a year or 2 with my now 8 year old daughter.

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Sarah H, Canberra, Australia, 1 review, 1 helpful vote
      “Water By Nature is a top experience with superb guides” Have just spent Christmas and New Year on a 7 day Franklin River trip with Brett and Claudia from Water By Nature. Without doubt an absolutely fabulous trip. Both Brett and Claudia worked tirelessly to ensure both our safety and comfort. These two wonderful people are not just great guides but know a thing or two about bush cooking. What delights they produced had to be seen to be believed.

      Visited January 2014, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Mal P, Noosa, Australia, Senior Reviewer, 10 reviews, Reviews in 9 cities, 10 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature” Prior to the trip Stacy was wondering anxiously about three things – big rapids, toilet arrangements and being too cold. Ken was simply excited. Stacy’s concerns were rapidly dispelled. Brett and Klaudia’s expertise with the high tech rafts made the rapids just heaps of action packed fun. The toileting setup was ingenious. The wet suits and neoprene socks (the latter available cheaply at the briefing meeting) made us very comfortable despite several days of rain. The guides knowledge and obvious love of the river made for a wonderful trip – the river and scenery are simply stunning. The food was also a highlight. We find ourselves enthusiastically recommending the trip with Water by Nature to all our friends. A truly memorable experience!!Water by Nature,

      Visited December 2013 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      stacy796, Hobart, Australia,2 reviews, Reviews in 2 cities, 2 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature and The Mighty Franklin” I chose this company because of the wealth of experience by trip leader Brett. I had zero prior experience of white water rafting and was bringing along my 16 year old daughter so wanted a reputable, capable team. After his decades of travelling the length of the Franklin River Brett still shows a very healthy respect for this wild river, never under estimating and always expecting the unexpected. With his calm, quiet , lay back style I felt reassured that what could be controlled in this wild environment was, even though at times the ride was a literally wild, white-knuckle experience, which by the way was exactly what I was after. Off the river my belly was constantly filled with the most amazing food conjured up by Brett and Klaudia on two small gas cookers. I was fascinated by what came out of the kitchen each night – garlic prawns, fillet steak, it never ceased to amaze me. At night I was comfortable and warm. The Franklin is unbelievably beautiful – this trip will remain one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

      Visited December 2013 read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Pip959, Carrara, Australia, 1 review
      “Water by Nature – Upper Franklin Expedition” I just completed the 7 day Upper Franklin River expedition with a couple of friends journeying with Brett Fernon’s Water by Nature Tasmania. This is the second time I have rafted the river – see my review from January 2013 below. On both occasions, I went with Water by Nature and I would do it all again. On both my expeditions with Water by Nature, Brett ensured that our guides were none other than the very best. With Jim and Rob, we navigated the river with competence, in safety and with much mirth. ….

      Jim constantly prepared great meals and took care to ensure that those of us with sensitive stomachs were nourished thoughtfully. …. I bought 5.10 Canyoneers and can’t recommend them highly enough. They made all the difference to my enjoyment of the river. …. If you are thinking of rafting the Franklin, check out Brett’s website and give him a call. Known as the Godfather of the River, he’s a lovely guy and is the most experienced man on the river. Hope this helps, Peter

      Visited December 2013, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Peter B, Sydney, Australia, 2 reviews, 4 helpful votes
      “Fantastic Upper Franklin rafting with Water by Nature” I’ve recently returned to Melbourne after one of the best trips I’ve ever had. Two friends and I rafted the upper Franklin River with Water by Nature – I’d highly recommend Water by Nature for this trip. Our guides, Jim C. and Rob J. were knowledgeable, friendly and, most importantly, extraordinarily competent at navigating the exhilarating and, at times, nail biting environment (Jim, Rob – thanks!). We were a small and perhaps underpowered crew but were able to run the amazing rapids with confidence. The River itself is a gorgeous place – rough, rugged and untouched (nb: and you keep it that way – be prepared to primitive ablutions and taking everything out with you. I mean everything…) The excitement of the rapids and the truly awesome environment as well as being completely removed from the rest of the world combines to create a magnificent trip.

      … Make sure you follow the gear recommendations – shoes are really important! Go with the Dunlop Volleys or the 5.10 Canyoneers. You don’t want to slip of the Slimy Rocks of Doom into the Raging Torrent of Death…. Again, I would highly recommend Brett and the Water by Nature team. If you’re going to take a ride along the ditch, get in touch with them. Cheers B

      Visited December 2013, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Ben C, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Senior Reviewer, 7 reviews, Reviews in 6 cities, 6 helpful votes
      “The mighty Franklin River guided by the ‘Water By Nature’ Team.” Exploring the mighty Franklin River was an incredible and unforgettable experience with the Water By Nature Team – led by Jim Davis and Rob Jimmieson and I wish I was still out there lost in all its beauty. Jim and Rob shared their knowledge and love of the river with us through-out our entire journey.

      Also, Jim’s culinary skills completely blew me away as every meal was prepared with the freshest of local produce – herbs and spices too! I have fallen in love with the Franklin and will be forever grateful for the experiences and challenges that it offered me.

      Visited December 2013, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Kcollins13, Muswellbrook, Australia, Reviewer, 3 reviews, Reviews in 3 cities, 9 helpful votes
      “Water by Nature” My wife and I are not young people and have never slept in caves with glow worms, under the stars or under rock overhangs. The idea was to voluntarily take ourselves out of our comfort zone and enjoy ourselves. This was truly an experience of a life-time which has enriched our lives and make us realise how precious the beauty of the Franklin River is. Being with Brett and Klaudia was fantastic and we felt privileged that albeit a commercial venture were generous enough to share their world with us, It was tough going, but it builds character and it is and experience that we will be able to tell our friends and family about for years to come.

      Visited November 2013, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      Stephen D, Esperance, Australia,1 review
      “wild bliss on the Franklin.” whoah, wow, its been a little while now since i went down “the Ditch” (lol) with water by nature and i’m still revelling in delightful flashbacks of ancient greens, rush and bubble and tumble and wild escape. A 7 day escape was a perfect length of trip, long enough to truly feel like i had been somewhere, gone somewhere. Very satisfying. Brett and Claudia were reassuring, and entertaining guides. Good fun, good food,good banter, a memorable journey on an amazing river. totally recommended. many thanks!

      Visited October 2013, read on tripadvisor read on tripadvisor

      david j, Hobart, Australia,1 review, 1 helpful vote

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