All smiles after running Logjam rapid on the Franklin RIver Tasmania

Best-of Video & Images Franklin River Rafting Trip, Oct 5-11 2014

We are back in town from a fantastic first whitewater rafting trip of the 2014-15 season. We started at an optimal level on the Collingwood River. After two days of enjoyable rafting we were treated to a spectacular flood while camped at Coruscades rapid in the Great Ravine. Plenty of food and drink, sleep, exploring, reading and the occasional game of poker made the waiting time pass quickly. Everyone was keen to hit the big whitewater after the level had dropped enough to continue on safely. On the last day we paddled to the jetty at Sir John Falls on the Gordon River, where the seaplane picked us up and dropped back in Hobart just in time to enjoy a few beers at the ‘Octoberfest’.

Some highlights of our first trip of the season, 7-Day Full Franklin River, Oct 5-11 2014. View the short best-of video on youtube: BEST OF FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING TRIP 2014 Oct 5-11  (3:12 mins)