Lower Beach camp by the river tannin stained water and rainforest Water by Nature Tasmania Franklin River Rafting

Raft in the Descension Gorge with red quartzite rocks, Franklin River Tasmania

Huon pine leaves with fresh shoots - Lagarostrobos franklinii

Shark fin island camp by the Franklin River Tasmania

Rafting the Thunderush rapid in the Great Ravine on the Franklin River, Tasmania

Pig Trough waterfall Franklin River Tasmania


Please call us anytime to discuss our flexible booking and cancellation policy as we go through the various COVID lockdowns. We offer refunds for Covid related cancellations*.
Cheers Brett and Klaudia.

* This policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Rafts leaving Newlands Cascades on the Franklin River Tasmania

Negotiate the untamed waters of the Franklin River for five to ten days on one of the worlds best whitewater rafting adventures.

The World Heritage listed Franklin River carves its way through some of the most beautiful, rugged and inaccessible country on earth. On your expedition you will experience surging rapids, tranquil gorges and pristine forests of myrtle, leatherwood and the rare and ancient Huon pine. Platypus, wallabies, quolls (marsupial tiger cats), cormorants, and white breasted sea eagles are often encountered.

Tasmania’s Top Adventure by Lonely Planet

“Tasmania might seem like the ends of the earth, but it’s really the beginning of your adventure. The island state could not have been better designed for lovers of the outdoors…Here’s our pick of Tasmania’s top outdoor adventures.

1. Rafting the Franklin River
Crashing for 125km through steep gorges, the Franklin River, west of Hobart in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is one of Australia’s iconic rivers and a vital part of Tasmanian history. First run by a pair of canoeists in 1958, today fewer than 500 people attempt it each year. Guided rafting trips, such as those with outfitters Water by Nature Tasmania, put in at Collingwood River and finish at Sir John Falls on the Gordon River. In between, expect to be immersed in the wilderness of this World Heritage Area for up to 10 days. Submitting yourself to the whims of wild water and weather is a potentially life-changing experience.”

Brett and crew running the corkscrew rapid in the Great Ravine Franklin River Tasmania

Get in touch with us


Launched in 2003, Water by Nature Tasmania organises professionally guided 5 to 10 day wilderness whitewater rafting expeditions through the rapids and reaches of the iconic Franklin River in South West Tasmania.

We are based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Our guides are professionals with a great passion for the Franklin River. They are chosen for their excellence in wilderness whitewater rafting, culinary, first aid and interpretation skills. Our senior guide Brett has organised whitewater rafting expeditions on the Franklin River every season since 1987 for Wildtrek, Peregrine and from 2003 for Water By Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting and still looks forward to every trip.

Let us share our passion and expertise with you.  From quality rafting equipment to fresh, locally sourced culinary treats – your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our priorities.  Our small group tours are unparalleled in flexibility and we will do our utmost to cater for your specific needs – departure date and time, duration, dietary requirements, gear hire, fitness etc.

We are looking forward to answering your questions and discussing trip options. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at our office in Sandy Bay! 

Group of rafters at Newland Cascades Franklin River Tasmania


We may be able to customise the length and start date of your Franklin River Rafting tour if you have a group of four or more. We can and have run Full River expeditions of 5 to 14 days, Upper River tours of 4 to 8 days and Lower River trips of 3 to 6 days duration.

Please enquire regarding group charters and possible discounts for groups of three or more. Call Brett on 1800-1111-42 anytime or use our Contact form.

Lunch spread on a Franklin River trip


Let us pamper you with delicious, nutritious exotic and traditional cuisine. Our guides take pride in their cooking skills and go to great lengths to procure fresh Tasmanian produce and provide a varied and interesting menu.

If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences just let us know in advance. We can cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free and low sodium diets.

Happy rafters on the Franklin River

Fitness Levels

Franklin River rafting trips are true expedition holidays. There are many rapids, some may require strenuous portages. No previous whitewater rafting experience is necessary, but please be aware that rafting and camping in this untamed and remote wilderness does require at minimum a medium fitness level and a sense of adventure.

The minimum age is 16. We have no maximum age limit. Several people in their seventies have successfully completed Franklin River rafting trips with us.

We were fortunate to paddle the full raftable length of the Franklin River with the very pleasant and fit Herb Elliott, 76 and his family group, over 5 days in November 2014. He said he was a little tired at the end of the trip and felt fine a day later.

Dates and Prices

We offer discounts for groups of three or more on some trips. Please contact us regarding specials and group rates.
Call us on 1800-1111-42 anytime or use the Contact form below.

The most popular

Full Franklin River Rafting Trips

This trip starts on the Collingwood River which soon joins up with the Franklin River and finishes on the Gordon River at picturesque Sir John Falls.
It usually takes 7 or 8 days to raft the full navigable length of the Franklin River (about 110 km).
On most of the 9 or 10 day trips you can choose to embark on a day walk to the impressive Frenchmans Cap. (NOTE: This walk is highly weather and river level dependent and not a guaranteed part of the trip).

7 Day Full River $3480

8 Day Full River $3650

Trip notes 7 day full

Trip notes 8 day full

Equipment List

Please call us on 1800 1111 42 to waitlist.

Departures 2022

needs 2 to confirm Sep 24 – Oct 1 (8-day)
Oct 2-8 (7-day)
fully booked Oct 15-21 (7-day)
Oct 22-28 (7-day)
fully booked Oct 29 – Nov 5 (8-day)
fully booked Oct 30-Nov 4 (6-day)
confirmed Nov 6-12 (7-day)
fully booked Nov 7-13 (7-day)
confirmed Nov 12-19 (8-day)
fully booked Nov 20-26 (7-day)
confirmed Nov 27 – Dec 4 (8-day)
fully booked Dec 4 – 11 (8-day)
Dec 10-17 (8-day)
Dec 16-23 (8-day)
needs 2 to confirm Dec 26-Jan 2 (8-day)
needs 2 to confirm Dec 27-Jan 2 (7-day)

Departures 2023

needs 1 to confirm Jan 4-11 (8-day)
Jan 5-12 (8-day)
needs 4 to confirm Jan 8-14 (7-day)
Jan 14-21 (8-day)
confirmed Jan 21-28 (8-day)
Jan 28 – Feb 4 (8-day)
Feb 11-18 (8-day)
Feb 25 – Mar 4 (8-day)
Mar 4-11 (8-day)
needs 4 to confirm Mar 13-20 (8-day)
confirmed Mar 20-26 (7-day)
Mar 25 – Apr 1 (8-day)
needs 3 to confirm Apr 1-8 (8-day)
needs 2 to confirm Apr 7-14 (8-day Easter)
Apr 22-29 (8-day)

9 day Full River &
Frenchmans Cap $4150

10 day Full River &
Frenchmans Cap $4400

Trip notes 9 day full

Trip notes 10 day full

Equipment List

Please call us on 1800 1111 42 to waitlist.

Departures 2022

Nov 5-13 (9-day)
Nov 19-27 (9-day)
confirmed Dec 2-11 (10-day)
needs 4 to confirm Dec 9-18 (10-day)
confirmed Dec 28 – Jan 5 (9-day)

Departures 2023

confirmed Jan 13-22 (10-day)
Jan 28 – Feb 6 (10-day)
Feb 3-12 (10-day)
confirmed Feb 10-19 (10-day)
Feb 17-26 (10-day)
Feb 25 – Mar 6 (10-day)
Mar 11-20 (10-day)
Mar 18-26 (9-day)
fully booked Mar 19 – 27, 2023 (9-day)
fully booked Mar 24 – Apr 2, 2023 (10-day)

Prices subject to change without notice. || confirmed departures have min. 2 spaces available 

The shorter ones

Upper and Lower Franklin River Trips

We offer 6 or 7 day trips on the upper and middle sections of the Franklin River incl. the optional day walk to Frenchmans Cap. (NOTE: This walk is highly weather and river level dependent and not a guaranteed part of the trip). Starting at the Collingwood River you will finish rafting about 65 km downstream at Mt McCall. An epic 4WD journey takes you to Queenstown and on to Hobart.

Our 5 Day Lower River trip gives you a taste of rafting the Franklin River. 4WD to Mt. McCall and raft Propsting Gorge and the tranquil reaches of the Lower Franklin River to Sir John Falls (about 45km).

7 Day Upper River &
Frenchmans Cap $3480

6 Day Upper River &
Frenchmans Cap $3200

Trip Notes 7 Day Upper

Trip Notes 6 Day Upper

Equipment List

Departures 2022

Nov 5-10 (6-day upper)
Nov 19-24 (6-day upper)
Dec 2-8 (7-day upper)
Dec 9-15 (7-day upper)
fully booked Dec 28 – Jan 2 (6-day upper)

Departures 2023

confirmed Jan 13-19 (7-day upper)
Jan 28 – Feb 3 (7-day upper)
Feb 3-9 (7-day upper)
confirmed Feb 10-16 (7-day upper)
Feb 17-23 (7-day upper)
Feb 25 – Mar 3 (7-day upper)
Mar 11-17 (7-day upper)
Mar 18-23 (6-day upper)

Departures 2022

Nov 9-13 (5-day)
Nov 23-27 (5-day)
Dec 7-11 (5-day)
Dec 14-18 (5-day)

Departures 2023

fully booked Jan 1-5 (5-day)
confirmed Jan 18-22 (5-day)

Feb 2-6 (5-day)
Feb 8-12 (5-day)
confirmed Feb 15-19 (5-day)
Feb 22-26 (5-day)
Mar 2-6 (5-day)
Mar 16-20 (5-day)
Mar 22-26 (5-day)

Prices subject to change without notice. || confirmed departures have min. 2 spaces available

What our guests say after rafting the Franklin River with us.


Rafting along the Franklin River in the morning light

Fantastic Adventure
We had a wonderful trip down the Franklin with Water by Nature. Exceptional guides with plenty of experience and really great cooking skills! The river is stunning. Well worth making a booking as the guides would make the trip safe and enjoyable in any conditions.

tripadvisor logo, franklin river white water rafting water by nature tasmania
Katereviewed Feb 2020
Raft drifting through the Irenabyss

Amazing experience
This was a fantastic experience and adventure. It was as adventurous as we wanted it to be, and were so well looked after. If you like the outdoors and seeing unique areas then book it in!

tripadvisor logo, franklin river white water rafting water by nature tasmania
Alistair Kingreviewed Mar 2020
Thunderush in the Great Ravine

Rafting down the Franklin
Whitewater rafting down the legendary franklin river was an amazing experience I would highly recommend, the scenery, nature, wildlife and food was incredible.
The guides were very professional, informative about the history of the river, welcoming, nice and friendly. I had a blast on the 7day tour and would definitely do it again 10/10

tripadvisor logo, franklin river white water rafting water by nature tasmania
shai reviewed Nov 2019
Pig Trough waterfall on the Franklin RIver, Tasmania

Step back in time
Untouched pristine scenery, adventurous days, challenging week. Brett and his team of experienced guides provided 5 star service, from a safety aspect, to the food and the company. Outstanding week full of fantastic memories. Well organised, accommodating and the journey a very enjoyable one from pick to drop off. Highly recommend.

tripadvisor logo, franklin river white water rafting water by nature tasmania
David Cookreviewed Jun 2019

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News and Stories

Thunderush rapid on the Franklin River

Franklin River Packrafting

What better place to celebrate the Winter Solstice (shortest day and longest night) than on a remote river in South West Tasmania?

morning light on Shower cliff waterfall, Franklin River Tasmania

What Difference a Little Rain Makes

One thing we love so much about the Franklin River is that it is never the same for long.

Tasmanian waratah flower

Franklin River Rafting Spring 2018

Some of our Spring 2018 Franklin River rafting trip highlights.

group shot at sir john falls jetty Gordon River Tasmania

Rafting the Franklin River – are we mad?

10 days without a shower. 10 days without a toilet (I told you we left nothing behind).

rafts at iconic Rock Island Bend on the Franklin River Tasmania

Afloat On the Franklin: A River Rescued

Powerful political symbol, demanding physical challenge, a deep well of tranquillity or unsettling Wi-Fi-free wilderness …

raft submerged in whitewater at Trojans rapid on the Franklin River

‘And forward…’

.. when Paul mentioned he was thinking of rafting the Franklin. ‘We’ve always wanted to do that’, fell out of my mouth before I’d thought it through.

Yoga session on the Franklin River, Franklin River Rafting

Wild Yoga

Water by Nature Tasmania is collaborating with Rebecca of Wild Yoga to create an enhanced wilderness journey.

Raft drifting through the Irenabyss on the Franklin River

3 Ways to Explore Tasmania’s Wilderness

It is over 30 years since UNESCO bestowed World Heritage Area status on the Tasmanian wilderness. Here are three memorable ways to experience it.

raft in whitewater at coruscades rapid Franklin RIver Tasmania

Tripadvisor Reviews 2011-2015

Tripadvisor reviews 2011-2015, “I highly recommended this trip but come prepared – this is nature’s Hilton

Video Wedge Tailed Eagle above Irenabyss

A wedge tailed eagle soars on thermals over the ‘Irenabyss’ or chasm of peace.

Logo tourism awards finalist 2016

Tasmanian Tourism Awards 2016 Finalist

We are very pleased to be nominated as a finalist in the Tasmanian Tourism Awards 2016.

Inflatable kayak on the Franklin RIver Tasmania

Video Franklin River Rafting Experience

The video shows some of our favourite footage from 2015/16.

Happy rafters in the Great Ravine, Franklin River Tasmania

Winter Solstice Franklin River Rafting Expedition 2016

Do you want to escape the winter blues? We might have just the thing for you.

Wilderness Rafting along the Franklin River

The Franklin River has a thousand faces and low water levels bring out some of its prettiest features.

Raft and inflatable Kayak drifting along the Franklin River

Franklin River Rafting Trip Photos – Dec 13-19, 2015

“I never read. I just look at pictures.”
― Andy Warhol

Les T. hanging out in camp at Newlands - reading

Franklin River Whitewater Rafting, Nov 22-28, 2015

“Thanks for a great trip, I had a fantastic time and found some muscles that I haven’t used for a long time.”

Raft running Newlands Cascades rapid on the Franklin River in Tasmania

Video Franklin River Rafting – Best Of 2015

A few snippets of the many good times rafting the Franklin River in the years 2014/15

Morning mists at Camp, raft and quartzite rocks along the Middle Franklin River

Franklin River Rafting Tour, Nov 1-7 2015

On our latest rafting trip down the Franklin River, we explored every ‘rock and cranny’ along the way.

mirror reflections at Verandah Cliffs along the Franklin River

Franklin River Art Gallery

A few ‘arty’ shots from our last trip down the Franklin River, a typical February 10-day expedition

Raft heading down Thunderush rapid in the Great Ravine

White Water Rafting ‘Great Ravine’

‘Thunderush’ in the Great Ravine provides some great class IV whitewater rafting at medium to high levels.

Brett and crew running Logjam rapid on the Franklin River Tasmania

Summer Rafting Trip Along the Franklin River

The perfect trip. Great water levels, 6 days of sunshine and 1 day of rain … on our rest day at Newlands Cascades.

Logo tourism awards finalist 2014

Tasmanian Tourism Awards 2014 Finalist

It is our great pleasure on behalf of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania to congratulate your business …

All smiles after running Logjam rapid on the Franklin RIver Tasmania

Best-of Video & Images Franklin River Rafting Trip, Oct 5-11 2014

Some highlights (best-of video and images) of our first trip of the 2014 season.

Foam trails on Interlude Creek at Rafters Basin, Franklin River Tasmania

Video Franklin River Amphibious Echidna

Watch an Echidna or spiny ant eater, a monotreme and close relative of the Platypus, crossing Interlude creek at Rafters Basin. Spotted on a Franklin River Rafting tour with Water by Nature Tasmania.

The Franklin River surrounded by temperate rainforest

SMH Traveller, Aug 2013, Novelist Richard Flanagan and the Franklin River

For novelist Richard Flanagan, Tasmania’s Franklin River provided the most important lesson of his life.

Brett preparing a lunch buffet on a beach along the middle Franklin River, Tasmania

Restaurant Australia

Water by Nature Tasmania lists in Tourism Australia’s ‘Restaurant Australia’ Campaign

The Franklin River above Newlands Cascades

The Franklin River in the Tasmanian Wilderness

The Tasmanian Wilderness satisfies an outstanding seven out of ten selection criteria for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

No Dams, The Tasmanian Wilderness Society

Timeline of the Franklin Dam Controversy

“NO DAMS” was one of most significant successful environmental campaigns in Australian history

Brett and crew running the corkscrew rapid

Outside Magazine Feb 2014, ‘Surviving Tasmania’ by Stephanie Pearson

A fascination with a cartoon animal and a Class V river lured her to the empty wilderness of Tasmania. Turns out the raw side of Down Under offers an amazing number of pristine places to camp, surf, hike, mountain bike, and kayak. Stephanie Pearson goes all in.

Reflections of limestone cliffs along the Lower Franklin River, Tasmania

The Australian April 2013, ‘Go with the flow along the Franklin River’ by Graham Lloyd

Environment editor Graham Lloyd finds what was saved by the historic protests 30 years ago along Tasmania’s Franklin River.

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